Carnis Koło - producent mięsa czwerwonego

High quality products

Genetic suitability and taking care of the animals’ welfare during the breeding process.
Our manufacturing process meets the highest industry standards

Carnis - producent mięsa czerwonego

HACCP and BRC standards

Thanks to our quality management and food safety systems, products shipped to our customers are safe and healthy.

Carnis - producent mięsa czerwonego


We specialize in the production of chilled and frozen meat for retail chains and meat processing plants.

Carnis - producent mięsa czerwonego


About us

Carnis Koło is a modern and fast-growing company, specializing in the production of red meat. The company is based in Koło which prides itself on years of tradition in the Polish meat business, and has always played a significant role in the domestic meat market.

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ZMs Carnis-Koło
Ul. Zachodnia 5
62-600 Koło

Tel : + 48 63 272 30 77
Fax : + 48 63 272 20 03