Carnis Koło - producent mięsa czwerwonego


About us

Carnis Koło is a modern and fast-growing company, specializing in the production of red meat. The company is based in Koło which prides itself on years of tradition in the Polish meat business, and has always played a significant role in the domestic meat market.

Carnis Koło represents high quality standards as well as dependability typical of the Wielkopolska region. It is a reliable and flexible fresh meat supplier with good management and modern production facilities which ensure high productivity and high quality standards.

The company was established in 1997 and it has been growing ever since. Carnis sells its products to many companies from the meat processing sector as well as to commercial chains all over the country. It also exports meat to EU countries and Russia.

Our assets:

  • compliance with EU and Russian standards, regulations and requirements
  • modern production facilities
  • high quality standards and a wide range of products
  • competitive prices
  • high productivity, efficiency and flexibility
  • ability to adapt to the clients’ varied needs
  • a rigorous approach to observing veterinary norms and environmental protection
  • highly qualified managerial team and experienced production staff
  • standardization and repeatability of products